Our essential nature is Light. The bodies through which we experience our world are, in reality, energetic forms of light. Each unique energy field, including the physical and etheric, through the more subtle emotional, mental and causal, are distinct vibrational frequency patterns of light.

Light is also part of the construct of the liquid crystalline collagen fibers that form the connective tissue of the human body. Research has shown this tissue to actually contain the tiny meridians and to be a fundamental communication system of the body, allowing the organism to function as a coherent whole. Biophoton waves of light are even found to be emitted from the nucleus of the living cells and are stored in the helical tubes of the DNA.


Consciousness and the Field

The biophoton field of the living system is comprised of electromagnetic waves of light. The coherence factor inherent in this light field allows it to potentiate and mediate the subtle energetic realms of “mind, psyche and consciousness.”
Consciousness pervades the subtle and dense bodies, transmitting, storing and eventually evolving the experiences of our interactions with life.

The acupuncture meridians as well as the chakras are specialized vortices of light within the biophoton field, a light that is continuous with the greater Field of which we are a part. Thus, refined sensing, intuitive and subtle abilities are available through an expanded contact and awareness with the whole. Memories, and particularly traumas, are imprinted in these vortices and in the tissue matrix as energetic patterns and can be released through physical and energetic activation. The resulting energy resolves into the ‘light of consciousness’.



There is a saying that “the body never lies.” The significance of this statement is that our physical and subtle forms are the manifestation of the truth of our being. Within these fields of light will be found the qualities of our incarnated purpose and the means of its expression in the world. As we open and align the body and the energy fields, we expand our interface with that world and our influence in it. Each of us becomes a lighted channel for the expression of unique divine quality
added to the consciousness of the greater planetary whole. We gather experience, we develop knowledge and we become the essence of wisdom to be shared as Love and Compassion with all.



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