Neurofeedback and Neurotherapy

Achieving Optimal Brain Functioning and Integrated Embodiment

Neurotherapy is a comprehensive healing approach based in the emerging science of brainwave Neurofeedback. Neuroptimal brain training is offered coupled with cranio-sacral release techniques that integrate the new neural patterns while balancing the subtle energy fields into the physical body.

Neurotherapy can address:

  • Emotional and cognitive issues
  • Focus and Concentration/ADD
  • Peak Athletic Performance
  • Slow or reverse the aging process
  • Assists healing in Brain Injury
  • Supports Trauma & Release Healing PTSD
  • Improve performance at work, school or home
  • Deepen personal and spiritual growth
  • Support healing and pain relief
  • Improve relationships
  • Deal with physical, emotional and/or cognitive challenges
  • Open to greater awareness in the life
  • Enhance meditative practice


The Neuroptimal system gently interacts with your brain, reflecting back its actual activity in present time. This allows the brain to 'observe' itself and to activate its inherent capacity for healing and optimal functioning. It is useful for conditions from ADD to PTSD, from anxiety and depression to sl

eep and addiction problems as it gently re-normalizes the brain in a natural way.

Every person has the potential to embody their highest potential. However, underlying patterns from shock and trauma which reside in the nervous system may counter this full expression. While we can work on changing these patterns through physical and talk therapies, the deep, core patterns in the nervous system are ultimately the ones that need to release.

Neurofeedback helps to clear these patterns, sort of like "shaking out the carpets". You can clean your whole house and re-arrange the furniture, but until you shake out the carpets, the foundation won't be clear.

Meditation from the inside out

Neurotherapy supports the entire central nervous system to become more efficient, resilient, and flexible bringing it into present time awareness. In the process, it provides an experience of deep relaxation, a spacious grounded quality of presence as shock and trauma release and issues begin to fade away. When your brain functions and adapts efficiently, you feel confident and joyful, more integrated, present, whole and effective in your personal and professional life. Given the right information, every brain has the potential to optimize itself.

Meditate Your Brain!


In Neurotherapy, I include hands-on bodywork in order to facilitate a sense of being grounded and more fully Embodied. There's a sense of being centered and integral in one's own being and a certain clarity within the emotional and mental fields allowing one to be present with "what is" which includes less reactivity, and a greater ability to engage and respond. That is empowerment.

The experience when I put my hands on people after the Neurofeedback training is that their fields are much more responsive as the neurophysiology begins to open and free up. The "fight/flight and freeze response" can release out of the nervous system; the brain is then able to access more of its inherent resourcefulness and engage in the creative brain-mind expansion and self-creation from a state of dynamic balance. As neuroscientist Rick Hanson likes to say, "the mind is using the brain to create itself". In the end, we are essentially affecting the greater Mind or Self from the ground level up.


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