Inner Essence Embodiment
Deep connection, Aliveness, and Self-Creation


We re-live our history until it is released and the light of being is revealed.

In essence, we are fields of light and consciousness that flow within, through and beyond the physical form. Embodiment sessions offer an opportunity to bring these subtle energy fields into a conscious and “felt-sense” awareness. As we mindfully attune to the balance of energies in the subtle fields and chakras, you may journey into the awareness of your own unique patterns of vibrational light and thought forms. Here, you can perceive your core energetics “from the inside out.” As in a shamanic journey, we hold a co-creative field and ‘see’ and deepen into the inner field dynamics. Insight is gathered as cords, blockages, and trauma patterns are released. Then we re-weave the matrix, re-arranging, integrating and aligning the chakras and field of light to facilitate ascension and flow up the central channel. I may also offer support in the technologies of the internal practice of light body and chakra embodiment.

In addition to a deep sense of peace and relaxation, there are some unique and wonderful experiences afforded by this practice of conscious embodiment. One may encounter powerful archetypes expressing throug their field and be able to align with those energies. Realizations and understandings emerge with a sense of playful delight. A quality of mindfulness is developed through the experience of witnessing one’s internal process, along with a growing clarity of presence. One may find that their personal lives and practice are enhanced thereby. It is great fun as well as a divine pleasure to participate together in this work.

Embodiment practice is also available at a distance and phone sessions are available.


"Our sessions...went so far beyond skillful touch, and your gift of reaching in beyond flesh, to spirit, was always healing and nurturing. Thank you."

-Margo C

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