Rolfing – Structural Integration -
Core Release and Transformation

Do you ever feel too tight, stuck, out of balance or alignment? Do your shoulders slouch or your ankles roll in? Have you over- used certain tired muscles in sports or work or just sat on them and not used them at all? Rolfing can change all that!

Rolfing has been called the “Queen of Bodywork.” It is a comprehensive, refined and powerfully effective approach to creating profound and lasting change in the physical body. In a series of sessions, deep touch is applied throughout the connective tissue matrix, facilitating co-ordinated movement and freeing layers of tension and holding patterns, including release of stress, pain, adhesions and old injuries in the muscles, and joints. Specific issues are easily addressed such as TMJ, back neck and shoulder pain, foot and knee re-alignment, and dance and sports related issues.

Some of the other reported benefits are:

  • increased mobility, range of motion and flexibility
  • enhanced performance in both sports and daily activities
  • better breathing, fluid movement and a re-aligned posture
  • release and balance in the subtle energy fields
  • unwinding compression and torsion in joints and tissue

This is a transformative experience!

"I wanted to let you know the impact that Rolfing has had on my life.  I initially came to address certain physical injuries to relieve pain and strengthen muscle groups.  Not only have I seen tremendous progress in how I feel physically, but I’ve come to learn a great deal about myself as a person.  Rolfing truly is a total body/mind/spirit practice.  You have also been a great outlet in allowing me to express myself during sessions, which I feel only enhances the benefits that I get from them."

Marcus Friedman
Senior Market Analyst



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