Seven Rays of Life

Discovering the Self

The Seven Rays of Life

1 and 1/2 day Seminar
Fri. Evening April 6
5-9 pm
Saturday April 7
9:30 am - 5 pm

with Joy Om

Seminar cost: $150


We all are seeking lives of fulfillment and meaning. This seminar offers a great opportunity for understanding more about ourselves: our traits, drives, behaviors and ultimately our purpose. It will illumine why and how we respond the way that we do to events and people in our lives.

This seminar introduces and explores the Science of the Seven Rays, and how each of us is imbued with unique strengths, tendencies, and weaknesses, as seen through the Soul, personality, mind and emotions.

Through understanding our selves we can identify the patterns in our lives and transform them into constructive and more conscious ways of living, expressing and interacting in relationship and in the world.  

This dynamic, interactive, colorful seminar offers profound insights into one's unique individuality, creative nature and essential purpose.

"Know thyself for in thyself is to be found all that there is."

Each person is a combination of Rays and their qualities. Understanding the Rays empowers us through acknowledging the qualities of energy that make each of us who we are. We develop patience with ourselves and others as we begin to see and understand differences in abilities, interests, challenges and modes of expression. Knowing how to ascertain your Rays leads to empowerment and wisdom.

Please let me know of your interest or questions: 303 449-8664 We will meet at my home 4236 Piedra Pl. 80301


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