Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Neurofeedback


4 Week Class Begins February 9th

Have you been:

  • Working hard at ‘trying’ to Meditate? or maybe even felt like giving up?
  • Wanting to be more Awake to Life and more effective in your everyday world  but not sure how to proceed?
  • Stressed out, anxious or worried and wanting to feel more relaxed and alive?

Basic Mindfulness brings you home to the present moment where you can live your life most fully. Here relaxation, focus, concentration, aliveness and ease are possible; it is out of these qualities that true Meditation can arise.

Join me for a 4 week training in Mindfulness where we will:

  • Explore and learn about how to Be Present
  • Delve lightly into the Neuroscience of Mindfulness
  • Experience a session of Neurofeedback which facilitates the release and relaxation of the brain and nervous system.

What you will receive:

  • Four group sessions of Mindfulness training and sharing.
  • Information on the neuroscience of Mindfulness and how the brain helps or hinders awareness.
  • One private session of Neurofeedback and Cranial therapy.
  • New possibilities of Awareness, Relaxation, Enjoyment and Ease.

When:  Tues. evenings beginning Feb. 9th  7-9 p.m.
Where:  My home and office - 4236 Piedra Pl.  Boulder,  80301
Cost :   $150 - (includes neurofeedback session)

Joy Om:  joyom@indra.com  303 449-8664

I have been working with people in their bodies and lives for over 30 years and have practiced forms of Meditation for more than 20. Currently I am offering Neurofeedback sessions along with structural work and am finding that this technology can help the nervous system ‘unwind’ and come closer to ‘neutral.’ Mindfulness practice then opens up the space within for the embodiment of presence - a beautiful synergy.   

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