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  • Neurofeedback

    The Neuroptimal system gently interacts with your brain, reflecting back its actual activity in present time and promoting present state awareness.

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    Rent a Neurotimal feedback unit and use it at home. Great way to get in a concentrated set of sessions.
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  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy

    Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a gentle light-touch mode of accessing and balancing the spine, central nervous system and core energetic matrix.

  • Embodiment

    We re-live our history until it is released and the light of being is revealed.

  • Rolfing

    Core Release and Transformation.  Powerfully effective approach to creating profound and lasting change in the physical body.

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An Integrative approach to Whole Being
Structural Alignment, Applied Energetics, and Conscious Embodiment


Creating Embodiment

I have been a healing and bodywork practitioner for 35 years. I was inspired to do this work through teaching and interaction with special needs children. It was apparent that many of their ineffective behaviors were related to a lack of contact, grounding and embodiment. I think this is also true of many of us as adults due to psychological armoring, injuries and the pressures of life. As we are becoming more aware of the body/mind/spirit interconnections, it is evident we must address the expansion of our physical, energetic and emotional selves along with our spiritual growth. 

Through my own personal growth and continued study and the sharings of many wonderful clients, has come the unfolding of the embodiment practice. This practice, whether experienced in sessions or in everyday life, becomes a delightfully grounded and expansive embrace of all aspects of Self. Embodiment allows for the natural flow of life force energies and the inevitable shining forth of the light of beingness.

About Joy Om

At heart, I am a spiritual psychologist dedicated to revealing the mysteries and radiant aliveness that exists in each of us. This has involved much personal work, exploration, study and meditation, the fruits of which I offer in my life and practice. Our wholeness comes from integrating the realizations that we gathered as we evolve our self in life, including each of our expressive energy fields. Our work and delight is to nurture and cultivate our bodies and minds to reflect the wholeness of our original being.

My educational training includes a degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Special Education. I am a Certified Advanced Rolfer (30 years) and a registered Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapist. Complementary training in the fields of healing and bodywork has included Transpersonal and Esoteric Psychology, Reiki, Energetic Healing, Regression Therapy, and Matrixworks group facilitation. I also currently teach and co-facilitated trainings in both Esoteric Astrology and Psychology through the Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center (www.spiritfire.com).

At present, I live and work in beautiful Boulder, CO.

Zengar NeurOptimal Basic Certification Seal

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